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I wish I'd gone to jail sooner, says boy racer

A YOUNG driver who led gardai on a high-speed chase through north Dublin wishes he had gone to jail as a teenager, a court heard.

Joseph Richards (22) recently received a separate three-and-a-half-year sentence for robbery.

He has more than 20 previous convictions, but this is his first time in jail.

A court heard he does not like prison and believes a jail sentence when he first started getting into trouble would have helped him to "wise up".

On the road traffic matters, Judge David McHugh banned Richards from driving for five years and sentenced him to six months in prison.

Richards, of St Canice's Square, Finglas, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to failing to stop a vehicle at Cappagh Road in Finglas last January 10.

He also admitted to two counts of dangerous driving at Dunsink Avenue and Dunsink Drive, both Finglas, during the same incident.

Richards further admitted to driving without insurance or a driving licence and using a 1995-registered motorbike without the consent of its owner at Dunsink Drive.

Sgt Mary Doherty said gardai were on mobile patrol when they came across a Honda motorbike that failed to stop for them.


She said Richards sped away from gardai, drove at high speed through a residential area and sped over a number of ramps.

The officer said Richards crashed the stolen vehicle at Dunsink Avenue and abandoned it. The court heard the defendant has 25 previous convictions, including a number for road traffic matters.

Defence solicitor Simon Fleming said Richards, a father of two, had a difficult upbringing, his mother is currently in treatment and his grandmother was unable to control him.

Mr Fleming said he is not due for release from prison until 2017.

He said the defendant does not like prison and wishes he had received a sentence a long time ago as it would have taught him a valuable lesson.

The court heard Richards does not want to be in prison longer than he has to be and is determined to change his ways when he is released.

Mr Fleming also said he is working in prison and doing every course that is offered to him.

Imposing a six-month sentence, Judge McHugh described the incident as "quite an escapade".