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'I will smash his teeth out' - mobster's threat to 'evil piece of poison' Kinahan


Liverpool gangster Darren Gee (left) with podcaster James English (right)

Liverpool gangster Darren Gee (left) with podcaster James English (right)

Liverpool gangster Darren Gee (left) with podcaster James English (right)

Liverpool gangster Darren Gee has turned on mob boss Daniel Kinahan and called him out on social media - describing him as an "evil piece of poison".

Gee, who was jailed for 18 years for his part in the murder of David Reagan, claimed last year that a friend was shot and injured by a bullet meant for him.

He said he now knows who sent the gunman and has accused the Irish mafia boss of being behind the alleged hit and sending a "crack head" from Liverpool to shoot him.

Gee (41) is a notorious gangster and was part of the infamous Scouser gang wars in 2004 and since his release has been threatened a number of times.

Last year he told the Liverpool Echo: "We were getting in a taxi…My friend headed out first and then we heard shooting in the street.

"I tried to chase the lads on a bike but lost them.

"The bullets were meant for me.

"When they realised they hit the wrong person, they stopped shooting."

Merseyside police issued him with a number of threat-to-life warnings but months ago he broke cover to appear on the hit podcast show Anything Goes.

He conducted a lengthy interview with podcaster James English about his life of crime and spoke about his brushes with death and his desire to go straight and help others "chose a life, not a knife."

The interview was watched by more than one million viewers and helped put the presenter English on the map.

English later interviewed one-eyed gangster Marvin Herbert, who once worked as a coach at Kinahan's MGM gym in Spain.

He described his long career in the underworld and admitted working as an enforcer in the UK and on the Costa.

However in recent weeks Gee has fallen out with English and accused him of getting too close to Herbert and other boxers linked to Kinahan's former gym, which is now called MTK.

Gee claimed he had made English famous and said he wanted to make his own show while Herbert also tried his hand at interviewing people resulting in social media callouts dubbed the 'podcast wars.'

English made his own video but later removed it after seeking an apology from Gee and saying he had hit the big time before he had the gangster on his show.

Gee has been recording a string of videos claiming "the Irish" are responsible for a number of shootings in Liverpool over the last few years, including an attempt on his own life.

He has claimed that Marvin Herbert is a representative of Daniel Kinahan and says they are trying to muscle in on popular podcasting.

Last week Gee posted and later removed a video featuring a picture of Kinahan in his black and gold MGM gear.


The boxing club changed name to MTK after Kinahan claimed to have sold his interest in the company after the 2016 Regency Hotel attack at a boxing weigh in.

"That disgusting piece of ****," he said.

"That's Daniel Kinahan, the dude that changed MGM gyms to MTK gyms because of violence in Ireland.

"I will smash his teeth out on sight.

"I would break every bone in his face with me fists."

And he continued: "Daniel Kinahan; I will punch your head in.

"You're a big hard man with money to do what you want.

"Get yourself to me and we will get it on.

"You don't represent any Irish man."

Merseyside police are keeping an eye on the situation as it develops.