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I watched mum transform into a TV daredevil – Baz

TV presenter Baz Ashmawy has revealed how his mother Nancy has been transformed by her role in his new TV series.

The 70-year-old jets off with her son again next week for the latest round of filming for '50 Ways To Test Your Mammy' in which they try everything from skydiving to alligator wrangling.

"I am literally watching my mum transform on front of my eyes. She thought she had seen and done everything, but a whole new world has just opened up for her and she loves it," Baz Ashmawy told the Herald.

The 37-year-old said the idea for the Sky TV series came from his mum asking if they could do a parachute jump together.

"I told mum no. The idea seemed ludicrous at her age but when I did some research I found that people as old as 90 jump out of planes. That set the ball rolling for the show," he said.

Baz hopes the six hour-long specials will change perceptions of senior citizens.

"We live in an ageist society which means you are treated in a certain way when you get old, whether emotionally or physically. I can't imagine anything worse and it's completely wrong," he said.

Baz said the show also captured the "special relationship" between the Irish mammy and their son as they tackle a variety of adventures.