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I wasn't in a pie-eating contest, I was racing ducks, says mum who bottled man in pub toilet

A MUM who bottled a man in a row after being labelled a "pie-eating champion" has denied being involved in any food contest -- and instead claims she was racing ducks.

Dublin woman Claire Dunphy (23) told the Herald she was involved a duck race -- and not a pie-eating contest -- on the day that innocent Declan Fox was attacked at a Kilmainham pub.

Dunphy hit the headlines last week when she was convicted of assaulting Declan Fox in Murray's Bar in Kilmainham.

The court heard that Dunphy won a pie-eating contest on the day of the assault, and someone present had commented on this before the assault took place.

But the young mother denied taking part in any eating contest -- and instead said she was racing plastic ducks.

"There was a duck run competition in the river beside the pub, but there was no pie-eating. I'm not a pie-eating champ," Claire told the Herald.

Her duck came second in the race, and she won less than €40, Dunphy said.

"I feel offended by being branded a pie-eating champ, especially as a woman. I don't know where that came from," she added.

At Dublin Circuit Criminal Court last week Judge Katherine Delahunt ordered a probation report on Dunphy and remanded her on bail until next November, after she admitted assault.


Dunphy (23), of Windmill Road in Crumlin, her brother Michael (21) and partner Declan Nolan (20) all pleaded guilty to assaulting Declan Fox of Donore Avenue in the bar on June 28, 2006.

Michael Dunphy and Declan Nolan both received 12-month sentences for the offence this week. Michael Dunphy has 24 previous convictions while Nolan has 14 convictions.

The court heard that Claire Dunphy, her partner and family had been attending the Christening of her sister's child when her brother Michael headbutted another man, Declan Fox, from St Teresa's Gardens.

It was also heard that when the victim went into the bathroom the woman's partner asked him if he was okay before punching him in the back of the head then kicking him while on the ground. As the victim was helped out of the bathroom the woman hit him in the head with a glass bottle, knocking him unconscious.

The court heard that Fox was in the smoking area when an extremely drunk Michael Dunphy came out and asked him for a cigarette.

Someone else made a comment that Michael Dunphy laughed at before he headbutted Fox in the nose.

He continued to hit him until the victim pushed him away and went to the bathroom as his nose was bleeding.

As he was leaning over the sink, Nolan came in and asked him what was wrong. The victim responded that he had been beaten up. Nolan then punched him in the back of the head.

While Fox was on the ground Nolan kicked him in the stomach before the victim's brother entered and held him off.

The court also heard that as Fox was being helped out of the bathroom by his brother Claire Dunphy hit him with a glass bottle and then smashed it on the ground.


Mr Fox was knocked out and only remembers waking up on the pub floor.

Gardai arrived and arrested Michael Dunphy who was extremely abusive.

The other two were arrested shortly after. Michael Dunphy said he did not remember why he hit the victim, "but would love to know". Both Claire Dunphy and Nolan claimed they were acting in self-defence.

Claire Dunphy has no previous convictions.