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'I was sad to hear Spacey sex claims after duet with actor', says Westlife's Kian


Westlife with under-fire actor Kevin Spacey in 2004

Westlife with under-fire actor Kevin Spacey in 2004

Westlife with under-fire actor Kevin Spacey in 2004

Kian Egan has said he was saddened to hear that actor Kevin Spacey had been accused of sexual assault, having worked with the Hollywood star while with Westlife.

The Oscar-winning actor (58) invited Egan and the rest of the boyband to the premiere of his 2004 film, Beyond The Sea, which was based on the life of swing musician Bobby Darin, while Westlife released a swing album in the same year.

Egan said the group were "honoured" to work with the acclaimed actor.

"We worked with Kevin Spacey and everything was very cool and very normal. We did a duet with him and went to his movie premiere," he said.


"He invited us to the premiere and we performed at the after-show with him. We were honoured by it, so it was sad to hear the allegations come out on that."

Several men in the US and the UK have made assault allegations against Spacey, with British police currently investigating one of the most recent claims.

Spacey is one of several big names in the entertainment industry who have been acc-used of sexual misconduct.

The Old Vic Theatre in London, where Spacey served as artistic director from 2004 to 2015, said it had received 20 personal testimonies of alleged inappropriate behaviour by him.

It went on to say that those concerned felt unable to raise their worries and that the actor operated without sufficient accountability.

A statement from the theatre said there was a "cult of personality" around Spacey during his 11-year tenure which, along with his fame, hindered junior staff or young actors from coming forward with their stories.

Egan sad that any lewd conduct should not go un- punished.

"It's good for it to come out and it's good for the people who have done wrong to be punished and for the right thing to happen," he said.

"The entertainment industry is probably getting a hard time in a sense because it's very much in the public eye."

After more than a decade with Westlife, the singer said he had never experienced or heard of any allegations of harassment.

"Never - it was never a thing. We never had any experience and I never heard of any experience," he said.

The Sligo man ruled out recent rumours that Westlife could be getting back together in the near future.

"There's no conversation. We haven't spoken to each other about it," he said.


"I've seen the boys at different stages throughout the years and had drinks with them all individually."

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