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I was once a teenage Goth, says RTE presenter Keelin

RTE presenter Keelin Shanley is the picture of tasteful professionalism but as a teenager she says she was a wannabe Goth.

It’s hard to imagine the polished presenter dressed head-to-toe in black or without her coiffed bob.

But Keelin admits that she was into the alternative scene.

“I got my hair done up and the clothes too but... we were schoolgirls kidding ourselves,” she said.


While “hanging with her Monkstown Crew’’, the Morning Edition anchor attracted the attentions of a fellow Goth and eventually married him in 2000.

Keelin wed Conor Ferguson and the couple spent two years on a “Paris adventure” together.

Ferguson, who has recently turned his hand to photography, has also ditched his Goth garb since his schooldays.

In an interview with the RTE Guide, Shanley didn’t just reminisce on her would-be rebel youth, but also spoke about her experience with breast cancer and her close relationship with her mother who died from ovarian cancer aged just 60.

Shanley still wears her mother’s engagement ring, a ring her young daughter Lucy almost lost last year after showing it to school friends.

While her mother’s ring was recovered, the star lost her own engagement ring last year while giving loose change to a homeless man on Dublin’s Camden Street.

Attempts to get the ring back proved fruitless, and now Shanley never takes her mother’s ring off her finger now.

The mum-of-two says that her own brush with cancer hasn’t altered her outlook on life. The shocking diagnosis in 2011 left the star reeling, but she has made a full recovery.

“When you hear the word cancer you think you are going to die,” she said.