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I was never told I was in clear says framed man

GARDAI never told the man who Eamonn Lillis tried to frame that he was no longer a suspect in Celine Cawley’s killing, it has been claimed.

Stephen Larkin had the suspicion that he killed Celine “hanging over him” all last year, with no word from investigators that he was out of the picture, his brother-inlaw has said.

And he said people in Howth who still pointed the finger at him and refused to serve him in shops should “hand their heads in shame”.

Stephen’s brother-in-law Sean told listeners to RTE’s Liveline that the whole family had been affected by the fallout from Lillis’s false accusations.

“To this day it is very upsetting”, Sean said.

“[Stephen is] from Howth. Even when he goes down for a beer or the newspaper, fingers are still pointed. It’s made his life very hard.


“Within 40 minutes of the killing, my brother-in-law had a knock on the door from the gardai. He was asked for a DNA sample, he was asked about his phone records. His mum was there and she broke down because of this.

“The guards, I think, knew that it wasn’t him,” Sean said. “They had to follow procedure. He co-operated, he had nothing to hide.”

Sean said Stephen was never told he was no longer a suspect. “Nobody knocked on our door and said listen, you are out of the equation.”

Sean said Stephen had seen Lillis on his way to sign on at Howth Garda Station.

“He said he’d love to go over, grab him and say ‘What have I done to you?’ But you can’t do that. [He] just wants to get on with his life,”