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I was in bits over fair city return - Claudia

Claudia Carroll has admitted she was a bag of nerves about making her brief return to Fair City.

The star will be appearing again on the streets of Carrigstown, over the Christmas period in a dramatic storyline.

"It's been seven years and not only is it seven years since I've been on Fair City, it's seven years since I've acted at all," said Claudia who quit acting to become a full-time writer.

"So I was a bag of nerves, I was in bits," she revealed.

Claudia played the role of Nicola Prendergast from 1993 onwards.


It will be a case of the ghost of Christmas past making a visit for Paul - played by Tony Tormey when Nicola, his ex-wife makes a return to Carrigstown.

She returns after leaving her husband-to-be, and sets her mind on winning back Paul.

"In many ways it felt like I had never been away," said Claudia about her return to the popular soap.

Claudia was a fan favourite for many years as feisty Nicola, and she'll be sure to make her presence felt during a brief stint back in the fictional north Dublin suburb.

She paid tribute to Tony and her real-life close friend Celia Murphy, who plays Niamh Brennan, saying when you're working with people like them, they make it so easy.

Claudia has no regrets quitting the soap in 2007 but is glad to get a taste of old times, as bitchy Nicola (inset with Bella) makes her very dramatic but brief return to Carrigstown for Christmas.

"I've always loved playing Nicola, she's a horror story but a great character to play," said Claudia.

She was writing her first novel, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, which became an instant bestseller in 2004 in her RTE dressing room between scenes.

She quit acting to write full time after her third novel was published.