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I was hung out to dry over Beyonce and Jay Z video

I was a bad boy for a while after the whole TMZ video controversy about Beyonce and Jay Z.

I'll admit I was hurt by it at the time but I've got thick skin so I'm well able for it.

What really happened was that people in the office were talking about the girl who saw them in the Phoenix Park and how she didn't recognise them.


They started saying that Jay Z put Dublin on the map and all that. I thought that was ridiculous but it was edited to make it look like all I said was that people in Ireland didn't know who they were.

What I was trying to explain to my colleagues in the office was that there's a totally different culture in Ireland when it comes to celebrities.

I was trying to explain to them that Irish people would know who they were but they would leave them alone.

Ireland is probably the only place where celebrities can go without being bothered by paparazzi and loads of fans.

Of course, people in Ireland know who Beyonce and Jay Z are, she had sold out four nights in the O2 so that would just have been a ridiculous thing to say, but I've no control over how they edit me.

They can portray you however they see fit and in that instance I was hung out to dry. But that's TV for you.