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'I was freezing in my movie mini' - Charlie

Love/Hate beauty Charlie Murphy has said she had a ball filming the new movie '71, based around the Troubles in the North.

But she had just one complaint about the ensembles that she had to don for the film - the tiny skirt she had to wear for her character Brigid.

One lady who doesn't mind suffering for her art, Charlie (inset) revealed how her wardrobe for her various projects sometimes leaves a lot to be desired.

"Because the story ['71] takes place over a couple of hours, we were going to be stuck with that one outfit.

"So even if we loved it, we were going to hate it by the end of the shoot. It was fine, but I was freezing in that bloody mini-skirt!" she said.

The Wexford native also had to wear some period-style ensembles for her role playing Martha in the BBC drama The Village and she said the outfits can "really help you get into character".

"That was certainly the case with The Village. When you put on those corsets, you're instantly in character, because you can't breathe!

"In the case of Love/Hate, I would never wear three-inch heels, so the minute I put them on, I feel like Siobhan."

And she has promised a rip-roaring storyline for fans in the new series as her character grows in prominence.

"There's a beautiful plot worked out for Siobhan this season," she said.

"It's such a treat. I don't think the novelty will ever wear off; knowing you're entrusted with something pretty special. You want it to be good because you don't want to let Stuart [Carolan] down."

The London-based actress said it was "lovely" to be part of such a popular drama series and the cast and crew were all a tight-knit bunch.

"We all feel lucky to get such riveting stories. We're in a completely different era now and we're going to do something completely different."