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'I was forced into cash-van robbery', accused claims

A MAN accused of plotting with others to steal cash from a cash-in-transit van will say he was under duress at the time of the attempted robbery.

Joseph Warren (30) of Belclare Crescent, Ballymun, is accused of conspiring with criminal elements including Alan and Wayne Bradley and the late Eamon Dunne.

Deirdre Murphy, prosecuting, told the jury at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court that they would hear evidence that in 2007 these criminal elements began watching the Chubb security company cash depot in Sandyford, Dublin.

She said that they would be told that a Chubb employee, Daryl Caffrey, was acting as an inside man and giving the men information about cash delivery routes.


In early autumn 2007 he gave the men the registration numbers of four Chubb jeeps, she said, and that Alan Bradley used these to obtain key codes that would open the jeeps.

She said on the morning of November 2, 2007, Warren, Michael 'Chino' Ryan, Jeffrey Morrow, Dunne and Alan and Wayne Bradley gathered in four vehicles.

The vehicles travelled to near the Chubb Ireland headquarters and from there followed a cash-in-transit van, a Nissan Patrol loaded with ¤1.25m, to Celbridge.

The van made its first delivery of ¤70,000 at the Applegreen service station on the N4 before arriving at Tesco in Celbridge at around 10am.

She said they would be told that after the driver got out to deliver the cash Warren and Ryan approached the van.

She said the evidence would be that Ryan had keys for the jeep and Warren had a con saw -- a powerful saw which can cut through metal -- running.

She said that the keys that Ryan had were for four Nissan jeeps but not the one they were trying to open in Celbridge.

Ryan tried a number of times to open the van but failed and the pair withdrew.

Gardai moved in and all six men were arrested. She said that gardai seized a walkie talkie which Warren had on him, the set of keys, white boiler suits and six mobile phones.

Ms Murphy said that Warren made a number of formal admissions. He admitted he was there with the others, that he was lawfully arrested and that all exhibits were lawfully seized.

She said: "Mr Warren is seeking to raise a defence of duress where he says, 'I was there, but I wasn't there willingly'".

She said it is the State's case that Warren was not a victim but was "a player" and that he associated voluntarily with Dunne.

She told the jury that Dunne was shot dead in the Faussaugh House pub in April 2010 and that Warren may say that he was threatened by Dunne.

Warren has pleaded not guilty to conspiring with others between January 1 and November 11, 2007, to steal cash from Chubb Ireland at Tesco supermarket on the Shackleton Road in Celbridge on November 2, 2007.

The trial continues. It is due to last for four weeks.