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I was a reluctant broadcaster, says Anne

Rte doyenne Anne Doyle has admitted she was reluctant to ever become a broadcaster and has no plans to return to the airwaves.

Anne (62), from Wexford, retired from the TV newsroom last year after 33 years in front of the cameras.

And she said she is relishing every moment of her freedom and doesn't envy her Montrose colleagues one little bit.

"I did my best for however many years I was on air, but really I was a reluctant broadcaster to begin with," she told the Herald. "I'm quite happy now - I'm not a reluctant pensioner.

"I've been enjoying myself, that's my duty. I've had involvement in terms of work bits and pieces that I have enjoyed doing, but basically I've been very happy being retired.

"I have been doing what I like which is travelling and reading. It's been fabulous, I'm like a young person."


However, Anne hasn't left Montrose totally behind as she is one of the judges for RTE's new A Poem for Ireland campaign in association with The Works, RTE One's flagship arts show.

"This campaign is something I would have been very interested in as a spectator, it means a lot to me as I'm a poetry lover and reader," she said.

"It's been good for me too because it's taught me to broaden my horizons and not stick to the body of work that I'm familiar with."

The glamorous former newscaster also admitted she has been the recipient of love poems in the past.

"It was way back in the dim and distant past," she said, laughing.

"It would take a lot of money to reveal my reaction to it!"