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I wanted to raise Christmas turkey but couldn't kill it, says chef Rachel


Rachel Allen, gun, and victims..... ((PLEASE BLUR CAR REG))

Rachel Allen, gun, and victims..... ((PLEASE BLUR CAR REG))

Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen


Rachel Allen, gun, and victims..... ((PLEASE BLUR CAR REG))

Celebrity chef Rachel Allen has revealed that she wanted to raise her own turkey for Christmas dinner but she was too squeamish to kill the bird herself.

Previously, Rachel was involved in some controversy when she posed with a shotgun and four dead pheasants on the bonnet of an Audi 4x4.

At the time Rachel defended the picture and said that she did not support fox hunting but that, "The origin or sourcing of food has been a long-held interest and concern of mine".

While she believes that people should understand where meat comes from, she couldn't bring herself to raise a turkey and then eat it on Christmas Day.

When asked if she would raise her own bird, she said, "No, it's coming from a local farmer".

"I was going to do that last year but then I thought no, the children won't like it because they love our hens so much," she told the Herald.

"I'm a bit of a wuss and I don't know if I'd be able to [kill it] myself.

"If you're prepared to eat meat, you should be prepared to understand the process but I won't be shooting my own turkey," she added.

As ever it's been a busy year for the popular Ballymaloe chef and Rachel has another cook book and TV show in the works in 2015.


"I'm thinking about writing a new book, the subject hasn't been decided yet but I will be starting on that once the kids go back to school on January 5," she revealed.

"I'll be filming a new programme as well, there isn't an exact theme for it but I will be travelling around Ireland which I'm really happy about.

"I love getting to travel and getting to meet people while they're cooking rather than just being in the kitchen and looking at the camera.

"Darina's brother Rory, who is Isaac's uncle is also bringing out his own new programme in the spring on RTE and that will be really lovely because he is such a good cook," she added.

Rachel is an ambassador for Goal and was speaking at the launch of the Goal Mile 2014.

Now in its 33rd year, the annual event sees tens of thousands run, jog or walk a Mile for GOAL each year, helping the aid agency raise money and awareness for their programmes in the developing world.

"I've been working with them now for over six months and I visited India with them in June which was incredible," she said.

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