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'I want to see Warren's killer in court' -- mum

The grieving mother of innocent Warren O'Connor has said she cannot wait to stare her son's killer in the face in a courtroom when he is finally caught.

Her beloved son was fatally stabbed in the chest in a row in Donaghmede on January 16 after he came to the aid of friends and complained to thugs who were making noise at the Grattan Wood apartment complex.

A heartbroken Tina (47) told the Herald that she hopes the gardai have already nailed her son's killer, and she is preparing herself for the day that she finally has to face him.


A 24-year-old man who was arrested in connection with the murder under Section 30 of the Offences Against the State Act on February 1, was released without charge.

Witnesses are still coming forward with information about the events surrounding Warren's death, according to Tina.

"The people are coming to them [the gardai] -- an awful lot of witnesses are coming to them. I'm delighted.

"I just want the whole thing over and done with. I know I have to face the court and everything but I don't mind. I want to see your man and look at him and stare him in the face."

Gardai have been carrying out an investigation into Warren's murder, but Tina says she has not been informed about much of the developments.

"They're only allowed to say so much because they're afraid that if they get the fella, he could do a legger. They can't tell us, there's only so much they can tell us.

"They said they'd definitely catch him. They can't just go out and arrest someone because they mightn't have enough evidence on them. They said it takes time."

Warren's mum is fearful that the thug who stabbed her son will reoffend, and she wants him locked up immediately.

The gang rammed Warren's car three times after he left the apartment complex, and when he got out to diffuse the situation he was knifed to death.

"If they did it to one person, they might do it to someone else as well. He was walking away and they stabbed him."

The Herald revealed this week how the pregnant mum who witnessed Warren's murder has fled her home in Grattan Wood in fear of her life.


And Tina also says her family's life "will never be the same," as they are left to deal with their tragic loss.

"All I have is Warren on my mind. And Warren's brother and father are very angry over what happened to him.

"Even before Warren, there were a lot of shootings here. The streets are gone to hell here. I've been here for 26 years and Warren was born here, but it's just completely different. It's all guns and knives these days."