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'I want my little girl to have same opportunities as boys', says Shane as he backs 20x20


Shane Lowry will wear the 20x20 logo at this week’s Irish Open

Shane Lowry will wear the 20x20 logo at this week’s Irish Open

Shane Lowry will wear the 20x20 logo at this week’s Irish Open

Open Champion Shane Lowry says he wants his daughter Iris "to have the same opportunities as boys" as he backed the 20x20 movement by committing to donning its logo at this week's Irish Open.

The Irish Open is one of the most-viewed tournaments on the European Tour, and Lowry and his sponsor Immedis agreed this week's tournament was the perfect time to highlight 20x20.


Shane will wear the logo for the 20x20 campaign - which aims to increase visibility of women's sport and to increase participation - instead of his sponsor on his shirts.

Lowry was happy to lend his support to the initiative and said he wished sporting girls and women would get the same chances as their male counterparts.

He said he wanted his young daughter Iris to have the opportunities that he did.

"Sport has always been something special for me. Not only has it given me a livelihood, but it has also given me tremendous pleasure, both when playing it and watching it," he said.

"No matter what my daughter Iris does in the future I hope that she gets the same enjoyment from sport that I have.

"I want her to have role models, and I want more than anything for her to have the same opportunities boys would have."

This weekend will see him wearing the 20x20 logo at the Irish Open in Ballymena.

Movement founder Sarah Colgan said that it was "so important" to have top male athletes supporting women in sport.

She said that she is so proud of Lowry's decision to wear the logo while competing this weekend.

Earlier this year saw Immedis announcing pro golfer Stephanie Meadow as its global brand ambassador.


Lowry is the latest Irish sportsperson to wear the logo. Last year Dublin's senior inter-county GAA team donned it during one of their championship matches.

The Offaly golfer is currently the bookies' favourite to take home the Irish Open at Galgorm Castle, Co Antrim, which starts tomorrow.