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I want answers over death of bullied angel -- mother

THE devastated family of bullied-to-death schoolgirl Chloe Coleman is calling for an independent inquiry into the tragedy.

Speaking publicly for the first time since the tragic teen's death, her mother Catherine made a desperate plea for "answers".

Thirteen-year-old Chloe was found hanging from the shower pole in an upstairs bathroom in her grandfather's home in the early hours of Sunday, January 16. Her body was ice cold, indicating that she had been dead for several hours.

Gardai in her home town of Longford have maintained that she died by suicide.

The Coleman family today spoke for the first time of their doubts over the progress of the garda investigation into the death of their "little angel".


Her distraught grandfather, Oliver Coleman, told the Herald: "We want answers. We want to know what happened to Chloe on the night she died. Surely any family is entitled to that kind of information.

"We can't remain silent any longer -- it wouldn't be fair on Chloe."

Gardai refused to answer questions from the Herald as the investigation into the teenager's death is "ongoing".

Chloe was midway through her first year at Scoil Mhuire Secondary School. Her friends and family say she was bullied by other teens in the community. But they don't believe Chloe was capable of hanging herself.

A close friend of Chloe -- who spent time with her in the week leading up to her death -- said he was sure she did not take her own life.

"Chloe wouldn't do that to herself. The bullying was bad and upset her but she was well able for them -- there's no way on this earth she killed herself."

Chloe was reportedly assaulted in the toilets of a local disco hall on the Friday before she was found dead. The Herald understands that she was picked on for not providing cigarettes to a local teenager, even though she never smoked.

Her devastated mother Catherine told the Herald that life without her daughter had been "hell" and that she could never forgive the local teens that tormented her.

"Life has been hell -- I even tried to take my own life after Chloe died. I talk to her a lot. I visit her grave three or four times a day. She was so special, just beautiful.

"Chloe was not the type of girl who would take her own life. I speak to Chloe and ask her why didn't she tell me, I could have done something.

"I love her and I won't be happy until I'm with her."


She urged any parent who suspects their child is being bullied to take action.

"Please don't let it come to a point where you have to go through what I went through, what I'm still going through. My life has been ruined. We were best friends, we were more like sisters than mother and daughter -- we did everything together, she was so good to me."