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I used internet to track down my stolen phone

A DUBLIN man has told how he was able to chase down thieves who had stolen his iPhone -- with the help of technology.

Niall Keaveney (30) from Knocklyon was out with a friend last week when his iPhone was snatched from his pocket.

However, by using the tracking device 'find my iPhone' from the website iCloud.com, gardai were ableto recover his possession and arrest the culprits.

Mr Keaveney told the Herald today that the incident "proves the legacy" of the recently deceased inventor Steve Jobs.

"The fact that we were able to assist gardai through the use of a freely available tracking device is incredible. It truly underlines the legacy of Steve Jobs.

"We were on our way home resigned to the fact my iPhone was gone. Then we said we'd try the software and it pinpointed where my iPhone was just a couple of miles away on Aston quay. We then got out of the taxi and pursued them up O'Connell Street. The iCloud application was showing us that we were just yards away."

When Niall and his friend Cian O'Herlihy were just yards away from where they believed the iPhone to be, they approached an on-duty garda and explained their suspicions.

The officer then made his way to Middle Gardiner Street where the thieves were suspected to be and recovered Niall's iPhone.

Niall explained: "The thieves were in their 20s. We had seen them in the club so when we saw them on Middle Gardiner Street we knew it was them.

"The garda searched one of their jean pockets and pulled out a number of phones including my iPhone. It was such a relief but it just shows you how far technology has come -- that we effectively were able to assist gardai in catching thieves."

He added that as a great fan of Steve jobs, it proved what impact he had on technology.

"Who would have thought years ago we could use technology to get back our stolen possessions?" Gardai arrested the men and are investigating.