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'I try to have an open mind with Missy' - Yvonne


Yvonne Connolly is trying to keep an ‘open mind’ when it comes to her children

Yvonne Connolly is trying to keep an ‘open mind’ when it comes to her children

Yvonne Connolly is trying to keep an ‘open mind’ when it comes to her children

Yvonne Connolly has admitted she is sometimes less than impressed with her teenage daughter Missy's antics on social media.

The former model's protective streak comes out when she sees Missy (16) uploading photos to social media she thinks are not suitable for someone of her age.

"I'm pretty open. When I was 17, my mother used to go, 'Oh!' and I'd be like, 'Mum you're so old' or whatever.

"You have to embrace it a bit. But there are times when I go, 'No way, take it down' or it goes up before I see it," she said.

Yvonne, who is also mum to Jack (18) and Ali (12) with former husband Ronan Keating, said she is trying to keep an "open mind" as she watches her kids grow up.

"I try to have an open mind. Missy is a great girl. She's determined and ambitious and very talented," she said.

"I learn a lot from my kids. Of course, I'm from an older generation so I think, don't share too much, but it is a new generation and you've got to embrace the way the world is going. I still tell them to be careful, you have to make sure your kids are safe."

It seems all of Yvonne's children have been bitten by the showbiz bug.

Missy and Ali have both been acting for years while Jack recently did his school work experience in Today FM.


"They're doing everything. Ali wants to be a model like me and Missy is still acting, but she's also in a band," Yvonne told the Diary.

The TV star got her start as a model for the Assets agency and admitted she has no advice for the next crop of models making their way in the industry because they are already ahead of where she was.

"The business has changed completely. The new models are far smarter and more businesslike than I ever was.

"Before, you just turned up with your shoes, you did your job, you were polite and you went home. Now, it's a business. Social media is so important.

"Girls get booked because they're beautiful, but also because of their social-media following and how popular they are.

"Some girls have built that and become brands.

"There's no advice I could give them because they are way ahead of me," she said.

Yvonne has since carved out a TV career for herself and has appeared on Celebrity MasterChef and as a regular on TV3's The Six O'Clock Show.

Having always wanted to write her own cookbook, she is hoping to finally tackle it next year.

"I've wanted to do one for ages and I've now realised how much work is involved, but I still want to do it.

"Hopefully, next year I will get my stuff together and do it," she said.