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I tried to ditch premiere for Bake-Off, says Keira

Hollywood star Keira Knightley has revealed she tried to duck out of the premiere for her new movie - because she did not want to miss the final of The Great British Bake Off.

The glitzy screening of The Imitation Game at the opening night of the London Film Festival coincided with the climax of the cooking contest which was seen by more than 13 million viewers on BBC1.

Knightley explained, during an interview for Saturday's edition of The Jonathan Ross Show, that she tried to persuade her agent it would be fine to miss the screening to go home.


And when that failed she had to content herself with leaving the party to watch it on catch-up shortly afterwards, taking precautions to avoid a spoiler about the winner.

"There was a real moment where I was like 'no, but no, you don't understand' and I did actually say to my agent 'is it alright because I have seen the film twice before and I love the film but can I just walk the red carpet and just go back and watch it?'

"I did actually leave the party a bit early so I could watch it on iPlayer afterwards so that nobody would tell me what happened. I turned off the radio on the way back so I didn't know."