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I took judgment on the chin, says Kean

It's back to business for celebrity lawyer Gerald Kean, who said he has taken a finding of professional misconduct against him "on the chin".

The legal eagle said the judgment has been stressful for him and his partner Lisa Murphy, but he is ready to move on.

He added that during his 30-year career dealing with some 33,000 clients, he had not had a single complaint against him upheld, until this week.

"I have to take it on the chin," he said. "The day of the case was my busiest day of the whole week. I've never been as busy."

Kean hit the headlines after losing his High Court appeal against a finding of professional misconduct arising from a case brought against him by former client Christopher O'Neill.

However, he was spared the €20,000 fine recommended by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT).


"What happened has happened. I put it behind me the minute the decision was made. Those people who are jealous of me will love this. It doesn't bother me," he said.

Referring to his 2009 conviction for drink-driving, which resulted in a two-year ban, he said: "You do have setbacks in life. I made the mistake of taking a few drinks and driving. You do make mistakes, but you can't let them affect you."

High Court President Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns upheld the finding made by the SDT.

Judge Kearns said the tribunal had "ample evidence to support its conclusions".