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I splurge just like anyone else, especially when it comes to ice-cream - Roz

Top model Roz Purcell has revealed to the Diary that she's just like us and puts on a few pounds during the summer due to the temptation of lots of ice-cream.

Roz confessed that despite the temptation of comfort foods, she's so much healthier in the colder months.

"I actually find that I lose a bit of weight going into winter because I find in summer that there's ice-cream around and I'm always eating loads of fruit.

"I find in winter that even though it's colder and you're looking for more wholesome foods, that's my speciality. I eat way more vegetables and make so many different soups and healthy breads and all those things that you want when it's cold without the badness in them.

"I'm a huge fan of curries and Middle Eastern food and that can be made healthy so I always find I get a bit healthier in the colder seasons."

The 23-year-old runs her own food blog called Natural Born Feeder where she shares recipes of healthy and gluten free meals, snacks and deserts.

Speaking about the blog, Roz said: "I enjoy doing it so much.

"I spent so long in the kitchen, whipping up stuff but not documenting it and then people would say 'remember that thing 
you made, what was in it?' and I'd have no idea."

Despite her enviable looks, the Tipperary beauty admits that she's not super healthy all of the time.

"I splurge as well, people just assume I'm good all the time but in reality it's about 80:20, because you need to enjoy a bit of both and sometimes you need a bit of badness to motivate you to be healthy for the next few days."

She also loves to create healthier versions of her favourite dishes.

"What I love to do is take your typical cheat meal or take away and make them in a healthy way because those are the foods that you want to eat and I always think, you only live once and you don't want to be eating lettuce leaves your whole life."


She has previously joked that she's quite messy when she's cooking, which annoys her rock star beau, Bressie.

"I do have a thing where I leave every press open and then Bressie's like, 'Roz stop' and I'm like 'What?' And he's like, 'Do you notice every single press is open, even the presses that you didn't use'."