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'I slid around in my own blood as thug cut my fingers off'

A TALENTED artist who had her hand butchered during a brutal burglary today revealed the extent of her horrific injuries.

Alexandra Trotsenko had her fingers hacked off and was left for dead at her Dublin apartment.

Speaking to the Herald, brave Alexandra said she is determined to rebuild her life after attacker James Kenny was jailed for 16 years this week.

“I had a hole in my nose, he had stabbed into the back of my neck near my spine, my teeth were broken, my lip was hanging down and I had stab wounds in my cheek and arms. I couldn’t even talk because my throat was filling with blood. I could only see shadows because my eyes were full of blood,” Alexandra remembered.

Alexandra was in her Finglas apartment when she was left for dead by burglar James Kenny.

Today Alexandra told of how when she opened the door she expected to see her partner, who was due home from work, but was confronted by Kenny.

“I wanted to close the door but compared to his size I'm little so I can't really resist. He just pushed me away and came in,” said Alexandra.


“He didn't allow me to look at him, he turned me away from him. He said, ‘This is a burglary, give me your card, your money and your valuables'.”

Kenny pushed Alexandra to the floor. She was trying to shield herself with her hand when he lunged with a machete.

“Because the space where he attacked me was very narrow, and I was basically know the human heart is on the left side, I tried to keep my left side away from him.

“He commanded me to put my hand on the bed, and I thought if this will end the attack I will have to do what he says, but I knew what was |coming,” Alexandra told the Herald. “I kept my thumb down to protect it, it was just instinct, and so it was saved.

“All my right side was badly injured in the attack. I was barely conscious but I was trying to get my hand back from him.

“But my hand was on the mattress of the bed and I was laying down on the floor and I tried to slide my hand down, so three times he stabbed me and my middle finger was ruptured in two places.

“My index finger was cut off from the joint, and my middle finger. The surgeons did a great job of re-attaching my middle finger.” Alexandra now only has a complete middle finger on her right hand.

“I knew my fingers were cut off. I didn't know how badly because I couldn't see, but I was holding the fingers in my left hand. They were attached only by the skin. I knew it was something bad,” she explained.

“I was not supposed to survive. He tried to kill me. I could hardly get out of the building but I knew I had to.


“I had to stretch my arm out to activate the door release button and try and open the door with my leg, and all the time I was sliding around in my own blood on the marble floor.”

Soaked with blood and barely conscious, Alexandra made her way to a nearby hotel where staff called an ambulance.

Alexandra spent weeks in hospital and has since tried to adapt her life to her injuries.

“I am a very proud person. At first I did not want my husband to even see me, and I learned to dress myself and do the things that people do everyday,” Alexandra explained.

Alexandra cannot draw her beautiful illustrations like she used to, and she cannot go horse riding.

An auction to raise money for an operation to give Alexandra prosthetic fingers, entitled Art for Alexandra, will be held in Adam's auction rooms in Blackrock on November 27.

Ryan Tubridy has donated a Toy Show jumper, and Dublin GAA star Bernard Brogan has donated a signed jersey.

Joe Duffy has put one of his paintings forward for auction.

The account for donations is Bank of Ireland Liveline at the Montrose branch, a/c number 70546818, sort code 90-13-51.