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'I shouldn't drink, it doesn't suit me', says Meyers after air rage incident


Jonathan Rhys Meyers with Mara Lane.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers with Mara Lane.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers with Mara Lane.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers has broken his silence about an incident at Los Angeles airport this month, admitting that drinking alcohol doesn't "suit" him.

The actor (40), who was born in Dublin and raised in Cork, was detained at the airport when his plane touched down earlier this month after an on-board fight with his wife Mara Lane - with whom he has an 18-month-old son, Wolf.

He has admitted he was at fault for breaking his sobriety and ordering a drink following a series of "frustrating" events.

"My wife and I had been travelling since three o'clock in the morning from Peru back to Los Angeles," he said.

"And they gave away our tickets - it was just a problem with the airline.

"We had our baby, who was teething at the time, and it was all kind of frustrating.


"So we eventually got on the flight and my wife went to sleep and I very stupidly decided to order a drink. When my wife found that I'd ordered a drink, she got very, very angry with me because I shouldn't drink. It doesn't suit me and I had been sober for a long time."

The Velvet Goldmine actor said he was "upset" by his actions but apologised to all involved and thanked police for being "incredibly kind and understanding".

Speaking on Larry King Now, he said: "And so I felt that mistake and I got upset and I took out an e-cigarette.

"And the airline staff told me that I wasn't allowed to smoke an e-cigarette so I put it away.

"Then I spoke to the Los Angeles police once we got there, who were incredibly kind, incredibly understanding.

"I apologised for my behaviour, and that's the entire story."

Jonathan - who is trying to quit smoking so he doesn't set a bad example to his son - insists he has "learned his lesson" from the incident and is now sober again.

"It is a good opportunity to apologise to anybody who was offended that that incident happened, but I learned my lesson," he said.

"As soon as I got off the airplane I went and spoke to somebody and I got back on track immediately."