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I shot Gaddafi - the boy with the golden gun

THIS is the 17-year-old who shot Libyan despot Muammar Gaddafi.

The man who called himself the 'King of Kings' was killed by a youth wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap and a sweatshirt emblazoned with the word 'Love'.

Mohammed el-Bibi said the dictator begged for his life as he was flushed from hiding in a drainage pipe, clutching his gold plated pistol like a James Bond villain.

"He shouted 'Don't shoot! Don't Shoot!'," said the curly haired teenager as the 42-year reign of Gaddafi came to a bloody end in the desert.

The young revolutionary brandished Gaddafi's golden 9mm Browning Hi-Power handgun as he was cheered by his fellow rebels.