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'I reeled in shock at Dermot's death' - Fr Ted co-star Ardal


Ardal O’Hanlon

Ardal O’Hanlon

Ardal O’Hanlon

Father Ted actor Ardal O'Hanlon has said his "mind couldn't process" the sudden death of his co-star Dermot Morgan at the age of only 46.

The hit sitcom had just wrapped its third season the day before Morgan, who played lead character Fr Ted Crilly, died in February 1998

O'Hanlon joins Deirdre O'Kane on the sofa of her new show Talks Funny tonight, when he speaks about his shock at learning in a phone call of his friend's death.


O'Hanlon admitted he could not take in Morgan's sudden passing, having only just spoken with him about what was next for both of them.

"I continued to reel in shock for some time afterward," he said about receiving the bad news the morning after filming finished.

He also revealed that before auditioning for the part of Fr Dougal McGuire, he did not know much about Father Ted.

He also admitted he did not have high hopes for the comedy, thinking it would be "culty" and only a "handful" of people might watch it.

However, his mind changed when he watched the first season.

"I remember loving it so much I didn't see myself in it, so I wasn't self-conscious", he said, adding that people still ask him about the Channel 4 show, and he is always happy to answer.

"At any protest, you'll have the signs, 'Careful now', 'Down with that Sort of Thing'," he said.

"In the Dáil, pretty much every day somebody will refer to it 'being like something out of Father Ted'."

Talks Funny is on RTÉ One tonight at 9.40pm