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'I put on a few pounds in the US', says Cian Healy


Ireland rugby star Cian Healy

Ireland rugby star Cian Healy

Ireland rugby star Cian Healy

Sports stars spend most of the year watching what they eat but rugby player Cian Healy has admitted to over-indulging in a few burgers while on holiday in the US.

However, it's back to intense training for the Irish player who is in preparation for the Rugby World Cup later this year.

"I've been off for eight weeks and I had a long enough holiday in the States so food surrounded me the whole time," he said.

"I'm carrying a few extra pounds but I've added in a few more fitness sessions to ship it off pretty quickly.

"A few times I was like 'I can't believe I'm having another burger' but you want to be able to enjoy your break.

"You know you're going to go into some serious training where you have to be fully on point with everything, so to take the holiday is pretty important," he told Ryan Tubridy on 2fm.

He says he tries not to think about the big matches until close to kick off.

"I like watching everything going on in town and seeing the buzz building up - that's a really important part to me."