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I no longer expect justice for Michaela... now I just focus on her legacy - dad

MICKEY Harte said he no longer dwells on getting justice for his tragic daughter Michaela McAreavey, focusing instead on building a legacy in her name.

Mr Harte said that he is trying to get a "positive spin" from a "dark, tragic place".

The Tyrone GAA football manager told the Herald that he has put all of his energy into developing the Michaela Girls' Summer Camp.


The summer camp is rolled out to Dublin and seven other counties this July.

And Mr Harte said that he hasn't allowed himself to be "distracted" by reports and speculation surrounding a new trial in Mauritius.

"I'm not thinking about justice," he said. "I'm just thinking about if there a positive spin-off from a dark, tragic place.

"And if that is the case, it isn't hopeless.

"It gives us all hope and says there is this value, there is learning and growth in even the worst situations.

"So for all of us we have to look back and say 'can any good come out of the worst tragedy?' and if nothing good can come out of it, then it is a real tragedy," he added.

"If something good can come out of it then it is a real bonus.

"I believe a real bonus will come out of this dark place that we happen to find ourselves in and really can't change."

Michaela (27) was murdered while on honeymoon with her husband John (32) in the island paradise in January 2011.

So far, nobody has been convicted of the young teacher's murder.

Earlier this month, the possibility was raised that her body may be exhumed if new evidence was found to be sound.

A new CBS documentary – Donal MacIntyre: Murder in Paradise – found failures in the original police investigation to take evidence from the crime scene of her hotel room where she was murdered.

Charges against hotel worker Dassen Narayanen (27) were dropped in March this year – he was the last suspect in the case.

But Mr Harte said that he doesn't allow himself the distractions of the case and prefers to remember the positive side of Michaela's life.

"I'll leave those other things to the people who have to deal with it and we'll find out the outcome time enough."