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I never banned a guest, says Matt on Browne row with IRISH INDO

BROADCASTER Matt Cooper (right) has said that he has never banned a guest from his Last Word radio show.

The comments come after Irish Independent Political Editor Fionnan Sheahan was reportedly told that he would no longer be a guest on Vincent Browne's TV show after an on-air bust-up with Browne.

"You don't bring on guests because you like them, you bring them on because they have something worthwhile to say," the Last Word presenter said.

On Monday night's Tonight With Vincent Browne, matters became heated when Browne asked Sheahan how long the Irish Independent had been in possession of the Anglo tapes.

When Sheahan said "for a while" – as the story was being researched – Browne continued to press the point.

Sheahan then accused Browne of bias against Independent Newspapers in general. He pointed to an interview Browne conducted with colleague Fiach Kelly about his coverage surrounding Public Accounts Committee chairman John McGuinness. The Herald understands Browne told Sheahan he wouldn't appear on his show again. However a TV3 spokesperson later said nobody is "banned" from appearing at the station.