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'I need to know why my David was shot'

The grieving partner of a Dublin van driver shot dead in the driveway of his Ballyfermot home has said she still does not why he was gunned down in cold blood.

David Darcy (39) was shot while sitting in his van at Cherry Orchard Avenue on the morning of November 28 last.

He was a driver for a local butcher and originally from Claddagh Road in Ballyfermot, and was about to go to work when he was killed.

But his family have said not knowing why he was shot dead is a very heavy burden on them, and his partner Mandy Haverty is asking anyone who knows anything to contact gardai.


Mandy also revealed that David had survived surgery on a brain tumour many years ago, only to be killed in his prime.

"It's the not knowing why David was killed the way he was that hurts, and on my doorstep," she told the Herald.

"I found him that morning. I heard a bang, I was supposed to be in work early that day and I'm glad now I wasn't because otherwise it would be my daughter that found him."

The attackers struck as David was reversing the van out of the driveway. "I just want to know why he was killed. He loved fishing, that was it, fishing and his garden," Mandy said.

"We're struggling now. David was a family man that worked hard all his life, but I haven't even been able to pay for his funeral yet.

"I was with David 21 years. He had a brain tumour years ago before we had the kids. He survived that, and then this happened to him."

Mandy appealed to anybody that knows anything to contact the gardai in Ballyfermot.

Meanwhile, four weapons charges were brought last month against a Limerick woman accused of murdering David. On December 20, Rose Lynch (49) of Oakleigh Wood, Limerick, made no reply when she was charged with the murder.