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'I need a miracle' - wife of scrambler victim is at risk of homelessness


Anzhela Kotsinian

Anzhela Kotsinian

Anzhela Kotsinian

The wife of a man critically ill in hospital after he was injured by a scrambler bike now fears she could be made homeless as she prays for "a miracle to save my husband".

Anzhela Kotsinian (43) has been holding a bedside vigil for her husband Ilabek Avetian since June after he suffered catastrophic injuries when a scrambler bike landed on his head as the pair sunbathed in Darndale Park, north Dublin.

The Irish public has helped raise more than €36,000 via a GoFundMe page to help Anzhela, originally from Armenia, stay in Ireland to remain at Ilabek's bedside at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin.


However, Anzhela could become homeless, as the temporary accommodation where the couple had been staying will not be available to her for much longer.

She is in the process of appealing for help from Dublin City Council to find a home and to the Department of Social Protection for income support, to allow her to continue visiting her husband.

However, there's grave concern that despite the seriousness of her and Ilabek's situation, there may be no support available other than a hotel or emergency accommodation, due to the homelessness and housing crisis.

"I need a home, somewhere that I can stay without feeling I will have to leave it," Anzhela said. "I have a lot of paperwork to fill out but I am extremely worried I won't get anywhere to live. I know about the homeless situation in Ireland and how hard it is to find a home.

"But I need help to be able to stay here and to visit Ilabek.

"I want to stay in Ireland, to be with my husband - that's all that matters to me."

The former teacher is also clinging to the hope that some of the money raised by the public might one day go toward her husband's treatment if it's possible to transport him to undergo brain surgery abroad.

There is no evidence to suggest any surgery could be a success, as the medical prognosis for Ilabek - who has suffered a severe brain injury and lost his left eye - is bleak, but Anzhela is refusing to give up.

"Nobody can say what will happen because his situation isn't improving," Anzhela said.

"It's a brain injury, he's very weak but I want to meet with a neurologist.

"I have heard of brain operations in the US and Germany but they cost more than €100,000 and I don't have that kind of money, and I don't know if it would work for Ilabek.

"But the way I feel is, I want to try everything to help my husband, I won't just give up on him, I have hope. I want a miracle to save him."

Anzhela, who was lying down on the grass with her husband sunbathing when the bike landed on them, had only moved to Dublin a little over a month before tragedy struck.

Ilabek had been resting his head on her legs when the bike landed on his head as it drove over a hill, causing devastating brain injuries and also breaking Anzhela's pelvis.

He had been the sole breadwinner, working as a roofer in Dublin, before the incident.

She had relied on his income while they made a plan for her to apply for work and gain a long-term visa.


In June, shortly after Ilabek was injured, Anzhela said she was asked by a doctor if she would allow for life support to be turned off.

"If I gave up on my husband, I could never forgive myself, because I know he wouldn't want me to give up. He'd want me to try everything first," she said.

Anzhela said she no longer felt "alone" thanks to the generosity of the Irish public, who have donated and written hundreds of touching messages.

"People in Ireland have no idea how much stronger they have made me," she said.

A garda spokesman said: "A juvenile male was arrested on August 8 in relation to the incident and later released. A file is expected to be prepared for the DPP. Investigations are ongoing."

A Dublin City Council spokeswoman said: "We have numerous services and options available for anyone at risk of becoming homeless. If Ms Kotsinian could ring, one of our staff will discuss her options."