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I loved going back to work for a day at the TV3 launch

I've been busy this week as I took a break from maternity leave to host TV3's autumn upfront preview at the Westbury Hotel on Wednesday.

It was great to blow off the cobwebs and get back into the groove of presenting again.

I've been lucky that I had a few opportunities to come back to work while I've been off.

I also presented Xpose's coverage from the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards in April which was lovely.


It's just so nice to put on a nice dress, get my hair blown out and put on some fake eyelashes. I can't remember the last time I had fake eyelashes on so it was really nice to have a glam day this week.

I picked a yellow lace dress from Oasis for the occasion - I was thinking about going for a jump suit or a top and skirt but sometimes it just looks better on screen if you go for something simple in a block colour.

The presentation went really well and I'm excited to head back to Ballymount in September.

It's nice to have the summer off and I think I'll be ready to go back by then.

I'll be going back part-time which is such a gift by TV3 - I'm just so grateful I'll have that flexibility. I'm actually really looking forward to it.

I've heard a lot of mums saying they lose confidence when they're on maternity leave and it's daunting going back to work so it's been lovely to be able to chip away at it so I don't feel completely removed from the world.

Finn will be nine months old by the end of the summer and he's already got a really strong personality - I think he'll thrive in creche.


I was going to go back to work in May but decided to take a few more months off.

You've got to do what's right for your own little family and hopefully this is the right decision for me.

I haven't been working out too much, as I'm not a gym bunny. I'm not craving alone time on the treadmill at all - that's not me.

But I find walking around the park with Finn in the pram and the dogs has been great.

It means I get to walk and I don't have to spend time away from him to go to the gym.