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I love a party vibe backstage at my gigs

I insist on a noisy backstage, whether it's a stand up gig or the panto.

I can't get into that zen mode of "just give me my moment" before a show - I don't do that.

I don't have a dressing room - I get dressed in the kitchen because everyone comes in and they have their cups of tea and that's where the laugh and that chat and the craic is.

I love playing loud music when I'm backstage as well especially at Christmas.

I have friends of mine who I recruit to be crew on my stand-up show so I tell the theatre that I don't need house crew, so it's loads of craic - just a big party.

I've the same agent as the likes of Neil Delamere and PJ Gallagher and they were saying that those lads like to be quiet and be by themselves to get in the mood.

But I need a distraction from what's about to happen or I'll get nervous.