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I lost 10 of my family in horror of typhoon, reveals Dublin chef

A grieving Filipino chef has revealed his grief and heartache after the loss of ten members of his family in the devastating typhoon.

Jaime Casilan (50), speaking at his Dublin home, said he was anxiously waiting for more news from his sister and he fears more of his relatives may have been killed by Typhoon Haiyan.

"Ten of them are dead and more are missing. We are very, very upset. We keep praying," he told the Herald.

Mr Casilan, who lives with his wife Gilda and daughter Jimal Ann (22) in Clondalkin, said his niece's three children were brought onto the roof of their home in The Philipines as waters continued to rise during the typhoon.

"But the waters rose by 25 feet. They were swept off the roof by a wave," said the grieving father-of-one.

"The children were aged only four to six years old. It was terrible.

"The children's mother tried to save them but she too was drowned, he said.

He received the devastating news of the loss of several relatives, including cousins and his uncle Victorio and his aunt Milagros when he received a telephone call from his sister in Manila.

Despite his grief, he intended to report for work as normal at The Half Way House restaurant on Walkinstown Road today.

"I must think now of sending financial support. They need food, water and shelter," he said.



He said the house where the children were killed was five minutes walk from the seafront.

"My own hometown Tanauan is very beautiful with a population of around a half million people. More than 1,000 have been killed there.

"Loads of my friends live there too and I've no idea what happened to them either. There are no phone signals," he said.

He said an aunt and her daughter were also trapped in their home and lost their lives.

He has not been able to sleep properly since the news broke and he and his family have been keeping tuned into news bulletins.

He was horrified to see pictures of the survivors who seemed to be walking around like 'zombies.'

Many friends from the extensive Filipino community in Ireland had visited his family in their home in Clondalkin to offer their support.

He will also be receiving comfort when attending the World International Community Church in Chapelizod at the weekend.