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'I knew gardaí wouldn't do anything about racist abuse,' reveals Christie


Ireland soccer star Christie

Ireland soccer star Christie

Ireland soccer star Christie

Republic of Ireland defender Cyrus Christie has accused the Garda of "doing nothing" about the racist abuse he suffered in Ireland.

The Fulham right-back revealed his distress after several incidences of racist abuse, including the creation of a petition calling for him to be lynched.

In an interview with Off the Ball AM Christie (27) said he viewed the petition as a threat to his life and spoke of his frustration at the investigation.

"When you're making petitions for people to get lynched, that's a threat on your life. The Garda really didn't understand where I was coming from, they really didn't do anything about it," he said.

"Even when I sat down and spoke to them they didn't understand."

The defender revealed he left a meeting with gardaí early because "I just knew they wouldn't do anything. They were like, 'I just don't believe someone in Ireland could be racist'.

"You're going to get racist people everywhere. I'm not trying to say the whole country was racist, but you have everything you need there, the evidence what people are saying.

"I believed it was enough for them to do something. We actually ended up ending the meeting early.


"You're fighting a losing battle there really, and I can see why people don't ever try and pursue anything."

Speaking about the online abuse he received, Christie said it took fellow player James McClean highlighting it before it was condemned.

"It was put out there for people to see, people just turned a blind eye to it. In that case, it was there for everyone to see, there was obviously a massive reaction," said Christie.

"But, like I said, the reaction wouldn't have been the same if I'd come out and said it. It was James McClean that actually came out and said it. The weirdest thing was, his profile was there for everyone to see.

"And then obviously when the Garda came in and supposedly said they were going to deal with it, and done nothing.

"The craziest thing was the police officer called the guy up on his phone, found him straight away. I don't understand how you can pull it up in front of us and then a year later you get a message - the case is closed. I don't understand."

In response to questions by the Herald a spokesperson said a full investigation was carried out by officers in Irishtown and two persons were identified.


"The first suspect was a juvenile at the time of the offence and he was deemed suitable for inclusion in the Garda Youth Diversion Scheme, which has taken place," they said.

"A full investigation file was submitted to the DPP in relation to the second culprit (mid 20s) and a direction of no prosecution was received.

"An Garda Síochána had agreed that contact liaison would continue through a nominated spokesperson in the FAI. This nominee was kept informed at all times."