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I killed Eugene, one of accused tells gardai

THE DRINK-fuelled violence stalking our streets has been highlighted by the killing of journalist Eugene Moloney. Two young men from respectable families – who did not know each other – have now been implicated in the assault.

Today one of the men, a 21-year-old, admitted to gardai: “I did it.” The killing is an example of the drink-fuelled assaults occurring every weekend in our city.

The suspect, from Templeogue in south Dublin, is likely to face manslaughter charges later after being arrested at his home early yesterday morning.

Another man – in his early 20s and from Rathfarnham – was released last night and a file on his involvement in the incident will be sent to the DPP.

The young man who was released became involved in a verbal altercation with Mr Moloney (55) on Lower Camden Street at around 4.30am on Sunday. It’s thought the other suspect was walking past and decided to punch the reporter.

Neither of the men who were arrested knew each other before the fatal assault but CCTV showed both men fleeing from the scene after the horrendous attack.


It is believed that both men come form highly respectable families. Mr Moloney was walking to his home in Portobello on the city's southside after attending a stag party when he was randomly attacked.

The former Evening Herald reporter sustained horrific head injuries in the incident.

Sources say that the attack was caught on “very good quality” CCTV and that around 10 witnesses have come forward and given gardai detailed statements about the assault.

It is understood that a nurse who was in the area attended to him as the emergency services made their way to the area.

When they arrived Mr Moloney was treated at the scene for a short period by the paramedics before being taken by ambulance to St James s Hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

His older brother Sean revealed that Mr Moloney would be buried beside his mother Peg in Fahan, Co Donegal – the village the well-travelled reporter called home.

Sean Moloney said: “We still haven't taken it all in, not Eugene. He was larger than life, the happy man who certainly didn't look his age.

“So many people who knew him have been contacting us to offer their sympathy. We are just devastated that he has gone.”

Mr Moloney said his family would make funeral arrangements once his body was released but they had already decided to have his funeral Mass in Dublin where Eugene had so many colleagues and friends.