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'I just want to see and talk to my daddy' - Toddler of Dean Fitzpatrick spends Father's Day at graveside


Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

The three year old son of stab victim Dean Fitzpatrick spent Father's Day attending the graveside of his dad with his grieving mother.

Leon Fitzpatrick lost his father when the 23-year-old died after sustaining a stab wound in a Dublin flat in May 2013.

David Mahon (44) has been charged with Dean's murder at Northern Cross on Malahide Road.

Mr Mahon married Dean's mother Audrey earlier this year following a long term relationship.

Audrey's teenage daughter Amy disappeared in Spain in 2008 and has never been found.

'Little Leon' visited his father's grave at Fingal Cemetery yesterday with his mother Sarah.

Sarah later posted a message on Facebook on behalf of the heartbroken toddler.

"Father's Day in heaven daddy. I just want to see and talk to my daddy," the post read.