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'I just couldn't bring myself to watch the first episode' - admits Connected's Venetia

Connected's Venetia Quick has revealed that she couldn't bring herself to watch the first episode of RTE2's new reality show.

"The first night the show was on TV, I was very nervous about it," she told the Diary.

"I just couldn't bring myself to watch it so I went to bed, turned off my phone and watched Dallas," she laughs.

"My husband, Martin, didn't mind at all; he was watching it and following the response on Twitter.

"It was all positive though, which was brilliant. That helped me to relax because I had been so worried about the reaction we'd get.

"So I decided to turn on my phone, which just blew up with all the texts and calls and tweets.

"So we had a glass of wine and responded to all the texts and calls and everything," she added.

The show, which aims to depict what life is like for women in Ireland in 2014 follows Venetia (inset), her husband, Martin, and their three children as they work towards opening their own business.

Connected follows their lives intimately as they openly discuss money troubles, being out of work and the trials of the new business venture.

"I was reticent about getting involved initially because of the kids, but Martin was all for it and was so supportive about us choosing to film the show from the beginning.

"I think our story is very honest. When we were filming the show things weren't going well for Martin, and so many people are going through hard times.

"So instead of saying 'it's grand', we decided to be honest about what our lives were like. Things were crap but we were working through them," Venetia admitted.

And she thinks the show has opened up a new world of debate in Ireland.

"I think Kate's story is so important, she's a very bright, articulate girl and she's bringing up a subject - prostitution - that needs an intelligent debate around it."

The Quicks have set up their own deli - the Artisan Parlour in Ringsend - and while Venetia is busy with her job as a producer on Q102, she tries to spend as much time at the business as she can.

"I think customers like to see the same faces behind the counter, so I'm there as much as possible," she says.

"It's doing very well and things are very different now compared to last year when Martin wasn't even getting a phone call back from job applications," she reveals.