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I hope to make my €100k-winning novel into a film, says author Barry

AUTHOR Kevin Barry has revealed how he hopes the book which won him the largest worldwide prize for a novel in English will be made into a film.

City Of Bohane captured the 2013 International Impac Dublin Literary Award and Mr Barry walked away with €100,000 in prize money.

Mr Barry beat off competition from 153 other titles nominated by 160 public libraries from 44 countries for the accolade.

Speaking this morning on RTE's Morning Ireland, Mr Barry said he hoped that the novel would be transformed into a film.

While not giving much away, he said the production was at development stage.

"It is moving along nicely. The book lends itself very naturally to film treatment," Mr Barry said.

He admitted the €100,000 would make things easier for him. "Misfortunate writers get no wages so it goes from book to book for you," he said. "So you are always going to have lean years and good ones if you are lucky now and then.

"It (the prize money) bides you times to work away on new stuff."



He said he became a writer "because I am not good for anything else really and that is very common for a lot of writers. We are damn all use for anything else except putting the pen to the page".

He added: "Even as a kid, I went through the usual teenage poetry phase that a lot of us go through. I was one of those poor eejits that kept at it and kept going."

Mr Barry said the prize was all the more special for him as libraries nominated books for the award.