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I hope human remains found in woods are my missing son’s – mum

THE MOTHER of a missing Dublin man today said she hopes skeletal remains found in Wicklow woodland are those of her son.

Dad-of-two Paul Byrne (20) has not been seen since he disappeared from his Tallaght home a year ago.

His mother Ashley Dempsey told the Herald today: "I hope it is Paul and I can at least give him a proper funeral."

It's feared that he was murdered by a local crime gang -- despite the fact that he was not known to gardai.

Mr Byrne's partner Martina McQuillan had the couple's second child last February.

His mother was contacted by gardai last night, after forest workers discovered a human skull in woods near Blessington -- 11 miles from where Mr Byrne disappeared.

Ashley Dempsey said: "I got a call last night. I just hope this puts an end to it now for me.

"No mother wants to hear that their son has been murdered, but the agony of not knowing what happened to Paul is too much.

"I have prayed so much for the return of his body that I hope it is Paul and I can at least give him a proper funeral," she added.