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I hit London for my nana's 102nd birthday


Lisa Cannon

Lisa Cannon

Lisa Cannon at the VIP awards

Lisa Cannon at the VIP awards


Lisa Cannon

My grandmother Nora is my hero.

I caught a 7am flight to London after the VIP Awards to visit her for her 102nd birthday.

I had to buy two birthday cards to mark the day - a 100th birthday and a 2nd birthday, because nobody makes cards for that age, and I thought it was a nice gesture.

My dad, my fiance Richard and I all decided to go visit her. It was such a lovely family occasion.

I feel so blessed and lucky to have her. The fact that she has reached such a milestone is incredible.

When I saw her I was in tears and I couldn't wait to throw my arms around her and give her a big squeeze.

She loved having us all around her and when she got her birthday cake she blew out all her candles, I was so proud.

The weather over there was amazing so we had the chance to bring her out for a while, which she really enjoyed.

Unfortunately she won't be able to come to our wedding - at her age, the travelling would just be too much.