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I heard on the six o'clock news about my son's body being found in bog - dad


Victim Gerry Daly Jnr

Victim Gerry Daly Jnr

Victim Gerry Daly Jnr

A heartbroken dad has hit out at a garda investigation into the murder of his son.

Gerry Daly's son, also called Gerry, disappeared in Cavan in 2011. His remains were subsequently found in a Meath bog by a farmer in 2014.

His father told the Herald that gardai did not inform him that the remains were that of the Dubliner when he had been identified. Instead he found out on the evening news.

Since then Mr Daly said that there has been little communication from investigating officers in relation to the probe.

"He went missing on June 26, 2011 and from that day to this the police have never told me anything," Mr Daly said.

"I saw his photograph on the six o'clock news [on the day his body was discovered]."

Gerry Jr is believed to have been involved in a Dublin crime gang and gardai understand that a dispute over money and drugs lead to his death.

Former garda detective John Kerins, who was killed in his home in 2012, is suspected of being involved in the death of Gerry Jr. He was questioned once as part of the investigation but was never arrested.


Another suspect, a Traveller criminal from Blanchardstown, was arrested and ­questioned but no charges have been brought against him.

Mr Daly said he didn't know if his son was involved in criminal activity but he said he does not believe his son would have had it in him to be violent.

He also did not believe his son was involved in a cannabis grow-house, as was reported by his son's partner after his disappearance, saying that his son was known to tell "stories".

Gerry Jr, who was a joiner by trade but was unemployed at the time of his disappearance, spent a normal Sunday with his partner in his Cavan home before he vanished.

Three days later she became concerned when she hadn't heard from him and returned to his house to find him missing.

There was no sign of a break-in or a struggle at his home, which led gardai to believe that he left his home with someone who was known to him.


His remains were discovered on the Oristown Bog near Kells in 2014 by a farmer. He immediately contacted gardai, who were searching the area to locate IRA victim Brendan Megraw at the time.

Almost two years after the discovery of his body, his dad said that he wants answers for Gerry Jr's sake.

"I just want justice for him," he said.

Still living in Tallaght, Mr Daly said that he kisses a ­photograph of his son and his late wife every night before bed.

His wife Brigid passed away in June 2012, weeks before the anniversary of her son's ­disappearance.