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'I heard four or five bangs,' says witness to uncle's fatal shooting

A notorious hitman is the chief suspect for the murder of a 39-year-old criminal whose inquest heard he was shot in the face on his doorstep as his daughter slept upstairs.

Dad-of-three Jason Carroll (39) died from three gunshot wounds sustained in the attack at his home on Cherrywood Drive, Clondalkin on August 29, 2013 in what was a planned gangland hit.

The murder victim had been a target of the Criminal Assets Bureau and had links to the Christy Kinahan international crime syndicate.

Carroll's suspected killer is currently in jail on separate charges.

He is believed to have targeted Carroll because he blamed him for being behind an attempt to shoot him in an incident the previous week in which an innocent man was shot dead.

The Carroll murder suspect is also the chief suspect for the unsolved murder of Dean Johnson at Moorfield Avenue, Clondalkin, in May 2011.

The jailed criminal has also been blamed for the botched hit on car dealer Michael Frazer in a church car park in Clondalkin in March last year.

Yesterday's inquest heard from Carroll's nephew, Daniel Devoy, who told Dublin Coroner's Court that Carroll was a "family man who lived for his kids".

He said Carroll picked him and another man up after 8pm on the evening of his death. They drove to a garage in Ashbourne where Carroll got into another car for five to ten minutes.


They dropped the other passenger off and then went to Carroll's mother's house to collect a suitcase before going back to Cherrywood Drive.

As Carroll walked up the driveway, shots rang out.

"I heard the bang - bang, bang, bang. After the first one, there were four or five bangs… I could see flashes but I could not see anyone," Mr Devoy said.

A car then came up the road to pick up the gunman and this vehicle was later found burnt-out with the gun inside.

Mr Devoy said he did not know why his uncle was murdered and Carroll had not shown any concern about a threat to his life that evening.

Carroll's partner Audrey Roche, her brother Harvey Roche and their mother were in the house. Ms Roche's son was in the kitchen and the couple's daughter was upstairs in bed.

Mr Roche said the shots rang out and they saw blue flashes. "Audrey screamed 'get down'," he said.

More shots were heard and then Carroll was heard saying "Audrey, it's me, open the door".

Mr Roche opened the door and Carroll fell into the house. "He said 'call an ambulance'… I don't think he spoke at this point again," he said.

Carroll was taken to Tallaght Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.