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'I have two children. We were going Christmas shopping. We won't now'

AFTER 13 years working in Ireland, Gosia Vorkowski faces her first Christmas without a job and an income.

But what hurts the Polish mother of two more than her inability to go Christmas shopping as planned with her children next week is the realisation that she gave up a good job she held for eight years to join Acuman Services Management.

She then lost her new job just 32 days later.

"I have been 13 years in Ireland and always worked. I was never on social welfare," Gosia told the Herald.

"I joined Acuman on September 22. I thought it was a good company and stable. I asked in the interview and they said it was the best time for me to join... that the company was very strong."


Gosia had dealings with Acuman through her previous job and felt the Swords firm offered better future potential for her and her family.

"I got paid for the week or so in September. But the wages for October are gone," she said. "I was in the social welfare office earlier today.

"It was my first time out of work in Ireland after 13 years. It is a very tough time not to have a job.

"Christmas is just a few weeks away.

"I have two children and we were planning to go Christmas shopping but we will not be doing that now."

"I cannot afford it. I don't know what is going to happen. But I will have to look for another job now," she added.

- Ralph Riegel