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'I have the bruises and scars from my life on the road', reveals Hozier


Singer Hozier named Tom Waits as one of his heroes

Singer Hozier named Tom Waits as one of his heroes

Singer Hozier named Tom Waits as one of his heroes

Hozier has spoken about life on the road, saying he understands how some singers can struggle to deal with the demands and pressures of touring.

The Wicklow singer said that if it wasn't for great management and some old-fashioned Irish slagging, he could easily have found himself in "real difficulty" performing night in, night out.

"I won't go into details in case it identifies them, but I've crossed paths with one or two other artists at festivals or whatever who were clearly in a state of crisis and need to come off the road immediately," said the Take Me To Church star.

"It's been a steep learning curve for me too. I have the bruises and scars and might have got into real difficulty if I hadn't had such good people around me.


"Alex, my bass player and musical director who I met at college, is one of my nearest and dearest.

"Also having an Irish crew, your head will never be allowed to get too big.

"I'm constantly getting slagged by everybody, which is a good leveller.

"My management have always been very careful: there are no massive egos or other kinds of toxic influence when we're out on the road.

"You're aware, though, of this massive machine being created around you.

"You can't stop or stall the brakes because everyone is relying on the machine. There are dudes with wives and kids at home, it's their livelihoods."

Hozier released his latest EP, Nina Cried Power, earlier this month, and it has been met with critical acclaim.

However, the Bray musician said that when Take Me To Church first took off so successfully, it was a "fleeting" sense of achievement.

"You can give yourself a pat on the back, but as far as I'm concerned, I haven't succeeded really with what I want to achieve in the great scheme of things," he told Hot Press magazine.

"It's increasingly hard with the way music is promoted and consumed these days, but I want to stay in the game and have a career that matches heroes of mine like Tom Waits and Paul Simon, in terms of longevity, anyway."