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'I have a great sex life with Kian', says Jodi


Jodi Albert is loved-up with her husband Kian Egan

Jodi Albert is loved-up with her husband Kian Egan

Jodi Albert is loved-up with her husband Kian Egan

Jodi Albert has admitted she and husband Kian Egan were "obsessed" with each other from the moment they met.

The former Wonderland singer (34) and the Westlife star (37) met as teenagers when they were introduced by Simon Cowell at a music festival in London.

They eventually got together a few years later, and Jodi says their relationship has become more romantic over the years.

"From the minute we met each other we were obsessed with each other and as the years have gone on we have become more obsessed with each other," she said.

"We are very fortunate to have found our soulmates in life and it keeps getting better and I don't know why.


"We are a real team and we are best friends. We have a great sex life - maybe it's down to that, who knows?"

Jodi is originally from London but now lives in Sligo with Kian and their three children, Koa (6), Zekey (2) and five-month-old Kobi.

"We've been living here and London for the last 16 years. I'm very much a city girl and I went to school in London," she told the Herald.

"But I fell in love with coming over here and just chilling out. The older you get, the more you look for that.

"I still get my fixes if I want to fly over for a weekend."

Jodi has put her business, Jodi's Boutique, on hold for the time being as she focuses on being a mum to the newest addition to the family.

"I actually had it put on pause when I fell pregnant with my last son because it was quite hard work between the pregnancy and the two babies," she said.

"It was between baby and boutique and the baby won.

"I'm looking forward to picking it up again but the babies come first. It was never meant to be a career, it was a hobby.

"I'm very girly and I am in a house full of dudes. It got to a point where I had to make sure I had my attention on my kids."