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'I hate going shopping for clothes', says stylish Brian


Brian Ormond and Pippa O'Connor

Brian Ormond and Pippa O'Connor

Brian Ormond and Pippa O'Connor

He's one of the most stylish men in Ireland, but Brian Ormond has insisted he hates shopping.

The dapper presenter (35) said his fashion-forward threads are down to his own personal stylist - his model wife Pippa O'Connor.

"She always tells me, 'Now that's what you're wearing today, there you go'," the broadcaster told the Herald.

"I hate shopping and anything to do with it, so Pippa just goes out and picks me up all my bits and bobs.

"She prefers to shop for herself as opposed to me, but she drags me along now and again to get a few things."

Speaking at the launch of his wife's revamped blog, Pippa.ie, Dubliner Brian said he couldn't be prouder of his stylish other half after she was recently named Most Stylish Woman at this year's VIP Style Awards.

"It's not work when you're as passionate about something as she is," he said.


Mum-of-one Pippa has a busy summer ahead of her as she prepares to launch her debut make-up range with US cosmetic brand Blank Canvas in the coming weeks.

She also recently revealed that she has her eye on branching out into fashion design.

The Kildare beauty (30) said she would love to combine her passion for fashion with her role as a mother and create her own line of children's clothing, even though she is too busy with other projects for now.

Brian and Pippa are the proud parents Ollie (2).