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I had an amazing night on the Xtra Factor panel

I was on the Xtra Factor celebrity panel last weekend and it was so much fun.

It was so exciting to make my X Factor debut because TV doesn't really get much bigger than that.

It's such a huge Saturday night entertainment show so it was great to see what it's like behind the scenes and I can say now that it is a beast.

The amount of people working on it and all the work that goes on backstage is incredible.

I was filming Trending all day Friday and then I flew over to London on Saturday morning.

We were in the studio all day and after the live show we were whisked off to the Xtra Factor studio.

I was on the celeb panel with Denise Van Outen (pictured), Dan Wooton and Xtra Factor host Sarah Jane Crawford.

Sarah was so much fun and did a great job and the feedback from everyone was great.

After the show, I dropped in to see Louis Walsh in his dressing room where I found Mel B kicking back in a leopard print onesie - you gotta love Mel.

So I chilled out with them for a while and had a beer before I dashed off to catch my plane back home.


What you wouldn't have seen on TV is the near disaster Cheryl had with her Lanvin dress, or the "Kermit" to quote Mr Cowell, during the ad break as a giant glass of water spilled all over her.

But with just seconds to go, like a true pro, she returned and got on with the show despite being drenched from the waist down.

I didn't get to chat to Simon. He seems nice but he's not someone I would be star struck by.

I was far more star struck when I met Hilary Clinton. She's amazing.