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I found baby in hotel room

THIS is the hotel room where a two-week-old baby boy was abandoned.

The newborn's mother left him lying on the bed in a Dublin hotel before she got a taxi to the airport and flew to Germany.

Guesthouse worker Zhana Klisuoska (28) found the tiny baby cold, hungry and crying with just a nappy and a vest on.

The shocking story unfolded at The Glen guesthouse on Lower Gardiner Street when the mother, who had arrived with her son the night before, checked out at 5.30am last Saturday and got a taxi to the airport.

More than two hours later Zhana was cleaning the bedrooms when she heard the baby screaming with cold and hunger.

"I was asking myself 'what is happening with the baby?' It was screaming and I could hear it in the hallway," she told the Herald.