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I fought clean Aras campaign, says Michael D on Herald visit

ARAS hopeful Michael D Higgins visited the Herald newsroom with his election message.

The Labour candidate called in to Herald HQ to outline his final push before election day.

During a meet and greet with staff, Mr Higgins said that he was happy that he had fought a clean campaign.

The race had been plagued by dirty tricks and shocking revelations about candidates but he outlined how he had not promised anything he couldn't deliver.

He said that the central thinking behind his work was not to offer 'false cheer'.

"If you want to restore trust the one thing you can't get caught out on is using bogus language yourself.

"This is not going into the football dressing room of a team that hasn't been looking after their physical shape or their diet, nor know the rules of the game and saying 'come on lads, let's all go out together' and they make a hames of things," he said.

He also joked that he hadn't 'worked out' how to treat next Thursday and Friday yet.

"It's interesting that they are going to count the votes in the constituencies.

"It's going to be a very long count. And you could actually take a Paddy Power bet then that Galway West will be one of the last to come," joked the Galway man.