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'I felt my nose being torn off. There was blood everywhere'

Our exclusive photos show the shocking facial injuries suffered by Mr Ikekaire, who now fears that he will be scarred for life.

Surgeons operated on the 31-year-old soccer coach in a bid to salvage his nose, which was partly ripped off.

Tourists and passers-by watched on in horror as his male assailant screamed abuse before biting off a portion of his nose.

In an emotional interview with the Herald, Greg said he fears his face will never look the same again.

"It was the scariest moment of my life.

"I was minding my own business when the man just jumped on me and chewed off my nose in one go. He was like an animal." The attack is the latest example of how violence on our streets is out of control.

Gardai are particularly concerned about the level of violence being seen in Temple Bar, one of the most popular tourist spots in Dublin.

The incident happened in the Temple Bar Square area at around 1am on Monday.


Greg said he fears his career will be seriously affected by his horrific injuries.

"I was just taking a break from driving my taxi when I was set on by a guy of dark complexion.

"I was minding my own business when he approached me, grabbed me and put his teeth around my nose. He was like an animal," he said.

"I felt part of my nose being ripped off. There was blood everywhere. My injuries are so severe and the pain is just unbearable," he added.

Greg, who also works as a soccer coach in Finglas, said he has been living in Ireland for 14 years and he has never encountered any trouble.

He is the latest victim of the street crime epidemic that has gripped the capital.

"I love this country and I love Dublin. While I am originally from Nigeria, I am a big part of the community in Finglas and am very involved in Colaiste Ide and the soccer team," he told the Herald.

"But I really fear how this will impact on my career and I just hope that this guy is caught so that he does not attack anyone else again.

"My injuries are horrific and I know I will now need surgery. I just hope that my face can be repaired and that the man who did this to me can be brought to justice. He is a danger to the community."


A garda spokesperson told said: "Gardai in Pearse St are investigating a report of an assault that is alleged to have occurred at Temple Bar Square on the 22nd of the 10th 2012 at approximately 1am, in which a male in his 30s was injured.

"Investigations are on-going and there have been no arrests to date."

Anyone with information can phone 01 6669000.